Why is the topic important?

The general conditions for work in German companies and organizations are preordained. An aging workforce, a reduction in performance due to a reduction in hierarchies, competitive pressure and "just-in-time production and service" have increasingly been determining the work situation for years. This situation is being met by the "digital transformation". The changes in occupational structures, work content, work processes and organization addressed by the new technological changes (keyword work/industry 4.0; use of AI systems) are increasingly being implemented in companies.

Successfully shaping these change processes for the company is complex, since both the employees and the technology and organization in the company are equally affected by these changes. 

The social and labor sciences offer proven as well as innovative strategies and approaches that help to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses in the establishment phase of work/industry 4.0 processes and artificial intelligence systems as far as possible.

Our extensive network makes additional expertise available, for example in the area of data protection.

For whom is the topic interesting?

The target group is owners, managing directors and company managers who are involved in the introduction and implementation of work/industry 4.0-based processes.

For technology developers, it means an additional qualification and an improvement in requirements engineering to be able to develop their systems taking into account the requirements of aging workforces.