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The working world faces enormous future challenges. It has long been evident, that the demographic change will have significant impact on the personnel policy of enterprises in Germany. As a result, we must respond to the fact that the workforce of German companies is growing older in all areas. By 2050, the potential labour force in Germany is expected to decrease by around 10 million. The labour market can no longer do without employees aged 55 and older as has been customary in many companies up to now.  Consequently, HR management is faced with additional tasks in times of demographic change. We are happy to inform you in compact information sessions about the services we offer, in-house as well as online, with regard to the following topics:


From Problem to Solution - A 5-Step Evaluation!

We define “evaluation“ as a targeted method to generate knowledge systematically, the subsequent evaluation of which leads to reflected decision-making. Evaluation deals with various aspects which are summarised in the following question:
“Which subject matter is evaluated for what purpose, based on which criteria by whom and with which methods?"

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Shaping Demographic Change: Age and Performance

Scientific research shows that, in general, the natural degradation process does not lead per se to older employees becoming less efficient, innovative, creative and resilient. The so-called deficit model of age has to give way to a competence model that describes in which performance areas older people stay the same, become weaker or even stronger …

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Work Design in the Digital Transformation

The framework for organising work in German companies and organisations is laid down. For many years, the work situation has been increasingly determined by the ageing workforce, the reduction of hierarchies, competitive pressure and “just-in-time“ production and service… 

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Applying Psychological Risk Assessment as an Instrument for Organisational Development

Performance and health of employees are decisive factors for the economic success of a company. In this context, however, the statistics of health insurance companies have unfortunately been showing increasing numbers of mentally related illnesses for many years. …

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