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The Institute

The “Institut Leistung Arbeit Gesundheit - ILAG“ (Institute for Performance Work Health) is an independent non-university institute for applied social science research working in close contact with universities and universities of applied sciences. In cooperation with science, public service and business, we have been conducting publicly funded projects as well as own projects since 2007. Our thematic areas focus on work, organisational and technical design in the industry, trade and care sector, participative work design in digitalised environments and intervention research in the health sector.

Our Team

Dr. Andrea Altepost

Deputy Director of the Institute


Dr. Andrea Altepost holds a doctorate in sociology and a “Diplom-Mathematikerin“ degree. Her research focuses on socio-technical system design, participation, work research and social science methods, especially in the context of digitalisation.

Jessica Bau (M.Sc.)

Research Associate


Jessica Bau is a social scientist and focuses on health and education research. With her broad methodological expertise in the field of quantitative and qualitative research, she supports you in conducting psychological risk assessments and evaluations.

Dr. Michael Bau

Head of ILAG


Dr. Michael Bau is a social scientist. His research focuses on work and leadership in digital working contexts, knowledge management and knowledge transfer, innovations transfer between business and science, age-appropriate work, and occupational health management.

Miriam Diesel (B.Sc.)

Research Associate


Miriam Diesel is a qualified health and nursing specialist and a graduate of the dual bachelor’s programme in nursing at the University of Lübeck. She has practical experience in various areas of care as well as knowledge of nursing and care research, health economics, quality management, case and care management.

Dr. Ortrud Leßmann

Research Associate


Dr. Ortrud Lehmann holds a doctorate in economics with research interests at the intersection of economics, sociology, philosophy, social work and political science. Her fields of research include poverty measurement, socio-economic development, labour market and social policy, as well as justice and sustainability.

Dominik Scharf

System Administrator


As a dedicated and competent system administrator, Dominik Scharf has extensive know-how in the administration and maintenance of IT systems. With his many years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge, he offers professional solutions for your IT needs.

Heike Herma Thomsen (M.A.)

Research Associate


Heike Herma Thomsen holds a Master of Arts in English, Spanish and Dutch Literature with a further qualification in business administration. She is a certified Business Coach, qualified business communication advisor and qualified (online-) instructor and translator. Heike has an international professional experience in the area of further education and personnel development in various organisational forms. Her mains areas of work are: (online-) education, potential development, (intercultural) communication, organisational and personnel development.

Karen Wachholz, Pharmacist

Research Associate


Karen Wachholz is a licensed pharmacist. As a manager in the pharmacy sector, she has practical experience in the production, dispensing and consulting of pharmaceuticals; supply and training of outpatient and inpatient care facilities; communication with physicians and health insurance companies as well as in pharmacy-specific QMS.